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RodBulls French Bulldogs

Contract of Sale
Full CKC / Non Breeding


This agreement is entered into on this date _____________, of 20___ between Rodbulls French Bulldogs  &

________________________________ (buyers)______________________________________




(Phone)   ______________________________ ________________________ 

(Email)  _______________________________



This Document is to serve as a contractual agreement between parties herein. And in consideration of their mutual promises,

is considered legally binding.


1. This is for the purchase of a ______________ (Gender) puppy

    From the pairing of _________________&___________________ 


2.  _____________ (color) With CKC registration.

(Color and sex ratio of breeding cannot be guaranteed and is subjective.)
If color not achieved in breeding and or sex then deposit shall be moved to a mutually agreed alternate breeding.


3. The Puppy is being sold as a pet for the sum of $_______. Buyers initials _________
A deposit of $500.00 (NON REFUNDABLE) is required to hold said puppy. Buyer's initials_________

Payment in full is due 1 wk prior to shipping or pick up of puppy. Shipping is at the buyer expense.

No puppy shall leave our premises until payment has been received in full. All travel expenses shall be the buyer's responsibility. Including crate, health certificate, and Airfare at a rate of  _______ . Buyer's initials_________

Rodbulls will schedule all departures and arrangements as to ease the transportation demands on sellers.

No new owners are allowed to arrange for flights and or purchase tickets, crates etc. as Rodbulls must abide by certain rules and regulations of the airlines.


4. Puppy shall arrive with health certificate to include current vaccination record. 

At approx. 10 weeks of age Rodbulls will micro-chip said puppy.


5. The puppy will be sold with a health guarantee of two years against congenital birth defects that affect his health. The diagnosis must be confirmed by two veterinarians or more and tests may be required to confirm the diagnosis. Depending on the choice of the breeder, the compensation will be either a replacement puppy of equal value or a refund of the initial value of the puppy should the puppy need to be euthanized.   Buyers initials_________


6. Rodbulls (sellers) will not be responsible for any veterinarian bills this is to include
meds, labs , x-rays, ETC.  Buyer's initials_________


7. Buyer is responsible for the care and upkeep of puppy. Rodbulls is not responsible for
Illness caused by neglect and or poor immunization practices and or improper dietary regimes. Buyers initials_________


8. Rodbull will not sell to PUPPY MILLS. Buyer agrees to be acting in this purchase
For themselves and not as an agent for another party or entity.   Buyers initials_________


9. Buyer agrees to provide puppy with veterinarian care to include all required immunizations,
A fenced in yard for exercise. Puppy /Adult at no time shall be sheltered as an "outside" dog.
Buyer assures that said puppy shall be raised in the home with proper bedding, provisions of water
And prescribed diet.  Buyers initials_________


10. Seller recommends that said puppy be well socialized and attend obedience training.
Rodbulls shall not be held responsible for inappropriate training and or care.  Buyer's initials_________


11. Said puppy is not to be trained as an attack and or fighting dog. Buyer shall be accountable to the        
Extent of the law, in the event of afore mentioned training methods and in addition will be liable
For any abuse inflicted on puppy.   Buyers initials_________


12. French Bulldogs hall not be subjected to taunting, teasing, or abusive handling. Should at anytime this
Puppy/adult is mistreated, neglected, and or abused by buyer or anyone in buyers household, the
Sellers (Rodbulls) reserves the right to remove said puppy/adult from buyer and assume
immediate possession. There will be no reimbursement to buyer, whom may be held accountable
to criminal charges.   Buyers initials_________


13. If for any reason the  buyer cannot keep puppy/adult , he/she will be returned to
Seller/Breeder Rodbulls at buyers expense.
The seller (Rodbulls) shall locate new home for said puppy . Buyers initials_________


14. Buyer shall not sell and or forfeit ownership of  said puppy to any  persons .  All paperwork ,
including AKC registration , microchip information and relinquishment papers shall  be properly
expedited and returned to seller. No monies shall be returned to Buyer.   Buyers initials_________


15. In the event of litigation, all legal fees shall be absorbed by party found at fault. Any disputes over
part and or whole of this agreement shall be disputed in the state in which the sellers  reside.
Buyers initials_________


16.  Puppy shall be examined  by buyers Veterinarian within 48 hrs of physical custody. Seller shall not
be responsible for puppy if he/she acquires Parvo and of any other infectious disease after Buyer
has had physical custody for 7 days. ( we highly recommend to avoid taking your puppy to parks ,
and or any environment where there are other animals until after having completed all puppy
Immunizations) ( we also recommend that prior to every appointment with Vet that you call
ahead of time and ask if there has been any  cases of Parvo in the clinic that day).
Buyers initials_________


17. Rodbulls maintains the right to utilize pictures of said puppy as well as share information regarding same,
In text as well as for use on web site, and or any articles published. Buyers Initials_________



  ______________________&______________________ /__________  Buyers signature/Date


    ______________________&_______________________ /___________ Sellers signature/date


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